Pursuing The Dream…

May 31, 2011

My book is proceeding apace, cover and galleys approved, printing in process, the publisher’s site, Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com being updated with my book’s information. In my fantasy, I thought of this as “The End” of this book and time to move on to the next. However, that is not the case! I am sailing into uncharted territory and learning new skills, as I try to guide my “first born” into the world. As with any worthwhile project, it is not enough to bring forth the object, one must make it known to the world. Social media, a new blog, feeds, all are things requiring that I learn a new language and acquire the ability to use these tools.

Of course, this is going on while I have new ideas, new research and new writing projects to develop. All in all, to my surprise, I am finding this to be exciting and fun, as well as challenging. It is stressful, but so is anything new and different.

The important thing, I am learning AGAIN, is to keep moving forward, keep working on it, keep learning. Time is not static, and I can’t be, either!


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