November 29, 2010

Why do we feel so guilty about resting when we are tired? Most of us get too little sleep. We pride ourselves on getting by with “only” five or six hours of sleep. Medical science says the average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep. Physical trainers talk about the importance of getting plenty of rest to help muscles heal. Remember when we were young enough to have mandatory naps? Small children get cranky and misbehave when they are tired, and are put down for a nap. Why do adults have such difficulty in admitting the need for rest?

I think the answer is actually simple: wasted time, and guilt. These are two branches of the same tree. So often, time is spent doing meaningless tasks or in mindless entertainment. One more hand of solitaire or ten more minutes of “Grand Theft Auto” on the compute, another hour of TV. Suddenly the day is gone, we’ve already been up twelve hours, and we find ourselves trying to rush through tasks we should have done earlier when we should be going to bed. Why? Because we feel guilty about wasting so much time. This is a never-ending cycle. What do we do about it?

First, we have to recognize the need for rest, and GET SOME! No matter what else we may (or may not) have accomplished during the day, there is nothing to be gained by trying to play catch up. We just dig deeper into the pit. Take control of the situation and go to bed! The next day, start fresh and really think about what needs to be done, then do it. After you have rested, you will find yourself making better decisions. “A tired mind equals tired results. You must rest your mind and your spirit to achieve greatness.” John Di Lemme (Quote #171)

After we have had our rest, we need to examine our time. Really analyze where our day goes. I’m embarrassed to admit how much time goes on non-productive activity in the course of my day. Write it down; keep a pad and pencil by you and jot down your activities. This is like keeping a food journal when starting a diet, and is a sure-fire way to focus on your time management (or lack thereof!). When you know what you are doing, you have a much better idea of changes and improvements you can make. 

In order to implement necessary changes to get better control of your time, a planner of some kind is essential.  I like a paper planner I can carry with me, and access everywhere.  It’s possible to write down appointments as scheduled, make note of necessary tasks for certain days, reminders of when library books or projects are due, or whatever is needed.  A paper planner will never crash, or be unavailable due to a system failure, unavailable signal or system update.  However, the important thing is to use a planner of some kind to set a frame work for your day.  You may not get everything done every day, but I promise you will get more done, especially the important things.  Then, when you lie down for that nap, or get into bed at night, you can relax and get the rest you need, and feel good about it.


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 25, 2010

We look forward to Thanksgiving every year because it is an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and enjoy wonderful food. As I look around, I realize how much I have to be thankful for, not just today but every day. I live in the United States, where I have the freedom to voice my own opinions without being arrested, I have clean water, a comfortable home, family and friends I cherish, and plenty to eat. I am truly rich! We shouldn’t need a special day to realize how blessed we are, but it is a wonderful thing to have a day where everyone is united in appreciation.

Here are some thoughts for today:
“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections.” (Unknown)

“I ask not for more riches, but for more wisdom with which to use the riches I have already been given.” — Napoleon Hill

“I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.” – – Martha Washington

And finally,
“Live each day as if it is a precious gift, because it is.” – – John Di Lemme (Quote #9)

Some thoughts for today…

November 6, 2010

“The faster we run, the more conflicted we become.” – – Sarah Ban Breathnach

“If you stay in faith, what was meant to stop you will not be a stumbling block but rather a stepping-stone taking you to a higher level.” – – Joel Osteen

“What you see is what you can be.” – – John Maxwell

“Expect miracles and see them take place. Hold ever before you the thought of properity and abundance and know that doing so sets in motion forces that will bring it into being.” – – Eileen Cady

“Your success will be determined by your ability to prepare.” – – Rudy Giuliani

and, finally,
“Daily consistent, focused, faithful expectation raises the miracle power of achieving your dreams.” – – John Di Lemme