Excuses, excuses…

June 25, 2010

I’ve been working on personal development over the last year, and I have begun to notice how many excuses I use.  “I’m too busy….”  “I’m too tired…”  “I don’t know…”  Somehow there is always a good reason NOT to take an action (especially an uncomfortable action) that is necessary.  My comfort zone has lost some of its appeal, as I want to grow and improve, but doing the hard work necessary?  Well, that’s another story.  You may be in a similar situation.  It’s so tempting to look for that easy way or to settle for the old familar pattern.  Considering the things that need to be done to effectuate real change and improvement can be very daunting, if not down-right frightening.  We are such creatures of habit, and don’t want to break out of that safe space, even if we know there is something better out there.  Doing something new or differently means risking failure, or embarrassment.  Is that really a bad thing?  John Maxwell says, “Every successful person is someone who failed, yet never regarded himself as a failure.”  Identifying the dream, the reason for being, that is important to each of us, helps to determine the actions needed to achieve it.  It’s important to remember that we don’t have to do everything at once-persevere and take one step at a time.  Remember the old joke?  “How do you eat an elephant?”  “One bite at a time!”  That big dream is attainable, as long as we take each step, one by one, no excuses allowed.  It all boils down to making a choice: take the action and make progress, or make the excuse and stagnate.  Henry Ford said, “There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.”  All we have to do is choose to do it.


One Response to “Excuses, excuses…”

  1. Lynne Keane said

    Thank you for the encouragement and motivation just when I needed it most. We never know the life or lives we might touch by a simple gesture or sharing and encouraging as your blog does!

    It has been a long week and I felt every ounce of energy and enthusiasm was drained from me. Reading this reminded me to think bigger and not let my circumstances determine my destiny!

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